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GOJ Support for Personal Safety

The Government of Jamaica (GOJ) remains committed to reducing crime and protecting its citizens. Every Jamaican can employ a greater level of responsibility for their personal safety…..

Road Accidents — Next Steps

In the event of an accident, the Road Safety Unit (RSU) of the Ministry of Transport and Mining, has provided a set of instructions for motorists to follow…..

The Road Traffic Regulations — Windscreen and Window Tints

Regulation 61 of the new Road Traffic Act, states that a motor vehicle which is being operated on the road shall be built and maintained to allow the driver a full and clear view of the roadway and the traffic ahead, to the right and to the left of the vehicle.

Ultimate Guide for Long Term Car Rentals

Imagine you’re driving on Mandela Highway in Jamaica. You roll down the window, and a slightly cold breeze embraces your face, but it doesn’t seem to bother you. As you look outside, you see nothing but green, flourishing, and lush fields.