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The Road Traffic Regulations — Motor Vehicle Noise Limits

Regulation 247 of the new Road Traffic Act stipulates that a person shall not drive a motor vehicle if the vehicle causes a sound that exceeds the noise limit.


Noise Limit

Motorcycle 85 dBA
Motorcar 85 dBA
Small Commercial Motor Vehicle 90 dBA
Large Commercial Motor Vehicle 95 dBA

The noise limit for stationary vehicles is the same as for moving vehicles but is measured at 7.5 metres from the side of the vehicle and with the engine running at 3,000 revolutions per minute (rpm).

Operating Motor Vehicles

  1. Regulation 46(1) specifies that motor vehicles propelled by internal combustion engines shall also be fitted with a silencer, muffler, expansion chamber or other apparatus suitable for reducing the noise caused by the escape of exhaust, so that the noise does not exceed the limit. A person shall not operate a motor vehicle propelled by an internal combustion engine when the muffler of the vehicle:
    • Is cut out or disconnected from the engine
    • Has been modified as a result of the removal of any part
    • Has been modified because of the opening or widening of the exhaust outlet.
  2. A person shall not operate a motor vehicle which causes excess noise resulting from:
    • Any defect in its construction or design
    • Lack of repair, adjustment or faulty adjustment of parts or accessories on the vehicle.
    • The faulty packing of the load of a motor vehicle or trailer
  3. A person shall not operate a motor vehicle which causes noise exceeding 110 decibels from audio equipment placed in the motor vehicle, whether the equipment is installed in the vehicle or not as stated in regulation 247 (5).

Offences and Penalties


Driving a motor vehicle which causes a sound which exceeds the noise limit.


On summary conviction in a Parish Court to a fine not exceeding $15,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 14 days.

$10,000 — where liability to conviction may be discharged by payment of a fixed sum.

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