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The Road Traffic Regulations — Windscreen and Window Tints

Regulation 61 of the new Road Traffic Act, states that a motor vehicle which is being operated on the road shall be built and maintained to allow the driver a full and clear view of the roadway and the traffic ahead, to the right and to the left of the vehicle.

Regulation 62 sets out that a motor vehicle having a windscreen, window or partition made of transparent material shall not be operated on a road unless:

  • The material affords the driver sufficient visibility for safe driving of the vehicle
  • In the case of a windscreen, other than a windscreen fitted to a motor cycle, the material must afford the driver sufficient visibility for safe driving, even where the windscreen is damaged
  • The transparent material is safety glass and every pane is permanently marked with the name or trademark of the manufacturer or the trade name of the glass and is clearly identifiable by a permanent mark as safety glass

Regulation 63 declares that the owner, or the driver of a motor vehicle shall make sure that all transparent material fitted to the motor vehicle is kept in a manner which does not obscure the vision of the driver.

A mator vehicle shall not be operated on a road unless:

  • The visible light transmittance through the windows of the front doors, are at least 70 per cent and any other window is 40 per cent. The visible light transmittance through the windscreen is at least 80 per cent when measured with a photo-optic tint meter. A photo-optic tint meter is a calibrated device that is used to measure the percentage of light passing through transparent material.
  • Any film or tinting material applied to the windscreen is placed only at the top of the windscreen and measures no more than 15 centimetres in height from the top edge of the windscreen.
  • The tint or film ought to be free from bubbles, tears or scratches and is non-reflective.


  • The requirements shall NOT apply to an ambulance.
  • The requirements shall NOT apply in respect of a motor vehicle which was registered for the first time before 1958.

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